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The Flooring consists of a mixture of differently coloured and sized pebbles expertly combined with a clear resin. The flooring is mixed on site and applied to the fitting area. This is then worked to a smooth, flat surface. The flooring finish is seamless therefore any area large, small, with corners, around bends and multiple rooms become one.

Here you can see a selection of the colours we can offer. We can however get hold of nearlly any colour selection and mixture you can think of. Just use our enquiry page.

The resin within the flooring gives it water resistant qualities, durability and makes it very hard wearing. Due to the fact that the flooring is individual pebbles it benefits from good adhesion qualities. The flooring offers you the chance to have natural stone flooring that is not only seamless and very hard wearing but also is very easy to maintain. It can be moped, vacuumed and scrubbed. You can also use household cleaners on the flooring.

The flooring is ideal for bathrooms, conservatories, hallways, kitchens, bedrooms, balconies; in fact any room of the home. You are not just restricted to inside the property as this flooring can be laid outside on driveways, patios, pathways, courtyards, balconies and around ponds or swimming pools. the only restriction on where the flooring is fitted is your imagination but we can help you with lots of ideas.             

The commercial market has not been forgotten as it makes an excellent entrance hall or sales area in any retail premises. It is not only practical but also gets people talking and  customers will visit your retail premises to see the flooring and hopefully buy your products. The flooring can also be laid into any size or shape of template and allows house numbers to be placed in pathways or drives. 

Our pricing is by the square centimetre so you only pay for what you have fitted - minimum 2 square metre price applies (areas smaller than 2 square metres will be considered but will still be charged the 2 square metre price). 

Any area of the country is a possibilty but a mileage charge will be added to the total cost of the flooring.

Free quotations apply to a radious of 25 miles around Beverley, England. All other quotations will be done over the phone, via fax or e-mail and will be based on the customers own measurements. If the flooring is required, measurements will be taken on the day of the fitting and the quotation will be adjusted and agreed accordingly.